The Dundee Fair Trade Forum was established by the One World Centre in May 2002 to work towards Dundee becoming a Fairtrade City. Throughout its history, the Forum has worked alongside people from various sectors of the community; retailers, caterers, schools, the universities, the local authority, churches and community groups. It has run a wide variety of events in order to stimulate interest in Fair Trade and achieve the criteria for Fairtrade City status. This was declared in March 2004 and renewed in November 2005, March 2008 and November 2016.

Since September 2006, the Forum has been a separate organisation with its own constitution.

The Forum is open to all who share our passion for a fairer world trading system - you can join by contacting us.


The aim of the Forum is to work for justice, equality and sustainable development by:

◈ Raising awareness of international trade justice.
◈ Encouraging business, educational establishments to use Fairtrade products.
◈ Ensuring the criteria for a Fairtrade City continue to be met.


Dundee Fair Trade Forum is open to all who support its aims. ​

The following members form the Management Committee for 2023:

Councillor Siobhan Tolland – Dundee City Council Representative
Richard McCready – Convener
Art McGuinness – Treasurer
Trudy Cunningham – University of Dundee
Sally Romilly – One World Centre​
Fraser Macpherson – Dundee City Council